Spending time in the presence of God

The presence of God transforms!  Do you drink it in or wonder where it is?  Is the presence of God a moment-by-moment awareness for you—or an illusionary concept?  Would you be surprised to know His presence is not always in a Church…or that the Living Word can be void of vitality?  In Acts 17, PaulContinue reading “Spending time in the presence of God”

Finding your way into the presence of God

My heart aches to understand that there are those who seldom enjoy time with God; those who feel puzzled when others speak of ‘feeling His touch’ or ‘hearing His voice.’  God is a personal God, desperately desiring to connect with us.  My greatest sadness is not for those who reject God but for those strivingContinue reading “Finding your way into the presence of God”

Giving the wounds away

Have you ever been wounded by the words or actions of another?  Of course, you have.  It is a part of life.  There is an old adage that is heart-breakingly true:  “Hurt people hurt people.”  Those wounds we receive from others are passed on…sometimes with intention, often without our even noticing. It does not haveContinue reading “Giving the wounds away”

When his desires are not yours…my journey to the Promised Land

It wasn’t my dream.  It wasn’t my desire.  There were sound reasons not to do it.  Yet, one Sunday morning before church began, I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit. “You are not allowing God to answer your prayers.  You pray for your husband to be the leader of your home, but you wantContinue reading “When his desires are not yours…my journey to the Promised Land”