Finding Real Love

Human love is fraught with problems that come from our human nature–selfishness, self-centeredness and a lack of faithfulness.  We say “I love you” and really mean “I love how you make me feel.”  The only way we can really love is to receive the love of God and let it pass through to others.  True agapeContinue reading “Finding Real Love”

Joy in the Mourning

It’s a cute little prayer…with tons of truth and arrows that should pierce.  The election this week eliminated (should have anyways) any illusions of sweetness in our hearts.  The anger, slander, outrage, fear and discouragement engendered by the election was not created by the election.  It was simply unmasked by the process, not caused byContinue reading “Joy in the Mourning”

Hearing God in Horrors of Hurt

On the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, looking to Jesus–our INTERCESSOR–is a blessed endeavor!  May you enjoy this excerpt from my devotional, Fixing our Eyes on God. There are some wonderful, awe-inspiring revelations of Jesus that begin with “I.”  He is the I am, the Image of the invisible God, immortal, immutable,Continue reading “Hearing God in Horrors of Hurt”