Faith in the Pool?

Heartsong Ministries presents:    FIT FAITH POOL PARTIES

WaterART© is not ‘just’ water aerobics…it is functional fitness!


Want some exercises to do in your pool this summer?  Why not invite some friends and host a Fit Faith Pool Party.

Working out in the water makes the work of daily life easier…and working out in the water is fun.  EVEN BETTER:

Paul says, ‘Physical exercise is good but training for godliness is even better.’ (1 Timothy 4:8)


There are lots of faith parallels to physical exercise.  

Heartsong Ministry is all about discipleship…growing in our faith walks.  Seeing spiritual truth in the natural world helps me walk more consistently in the Spirit.

Why not give it a try?  

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Loosen up Stiff necks  & Sore Joints
  • Strengthen weak muscles and aching knees.
  • Improve your cardio-respiratory function
  • And learn the faith parallels to each of those!

Every party is tailored to the needs of participants.  Choose the muscle/joint focus that interests you and schedule an hour of FIT FAITH FUN today.

PARTY FEE is just a tax-deductible donation to Heartsong Ministries.

Schedule your party today!


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