Can Horses Help us Find the Path of Life?

Horses have been used by mankind for centuries:  they have been trained and employed in myriad ways. Horses provide travelers aid, power farmers’ plows, help soldiers fight, carry burdens and manage herds.  Parents employ horses to teach children responsibility while building  physical and relational skills.  Of course, millions simply use horses for pleasure and enjoyment.  Currently, researchers are exploring the utilization of horses for academic and psychological therapy.

With all of those great roles for horses, one assignment surpasses them all:  helping establish or restore human beings to relationship with their Creator.

The God of the Bible is a relational God.  He created humanity because He loved…and love cannot be fulfilled outside of relationships.

Horses, being herd animals are naturals at relationships.  We humans crave connection, but the fall of humanity from connection to God (Genesis 3) impairs every relationship. Often we are blind to the things we do in the context of relationships.  Horses reflect what we do not see or feel in ourselves.

Perhaps more importantly, horses and humans share a common desire–a desire a horse understands more than a human.  Our craving for connection that arises from our broken relationship with God clouds are thinking.  It was at the fall that fear, shame and hiding entered the world.  Through that darkness, we pursue relationships.  A horse, on the other hand, pursues relationships exactly for the reasons we crave connection:  security.

When Adam & Eve chose to walk the path God had forbidden, they lost their security.  They also lost the identity God had given them; they chose to create their own.  Without their God-given identity, they had to craft their own significance as well.  Those two losses–security and significance–continue to plague humanity.  Connecting with a horse requires understanding that need from the equine view…which opens eyes to our own needs.

Even people who do not like horses, often want to ‘pet their nose’ and look with awe at their power and strength.  Horses, though, aren’t longing for our friendship or worship.  They want a leader they can trust.  As we engage with a horse to understand its needs, we begin to see our own needs–and the magnificent, costly way God has met every need for us.

Anxiety is the number one mental health issue facing Americans today–Christians included.  Join Heartsong Ministries in changing this – click the picture below and visit the Facebook Page for more information!

Finding the Answer to Anxiety

January 28, 2018 – 3:30 – 5:00 PM


Trust the Potter

hands clay
 God as our Father, Creator–Potter!
But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay,
and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.
(Isaiah 64:8)
Watching a potter work clay on a wheel is an amazing sight. A formless lump of clay is transformed into a vessel with beauty and use through the skillful touch of the potter. The speed of the wheel is adjusted, varying pressures are applied according to the purposes of the potter and an object of art emerges from the glob. The clay is formed into a vessel of use with a design that is perfect for its purpose.
God has plans and purposes for each of us but since creation mankind has preferred to seek its own purposes! Thankfully, our Potter is patient, skilled and determined. Unlike the lump of clay on a pottery wheel, we are often not pliable subjects. We refuse to stay put and resist the hands of the Potter. We resent the pressures which shape and choose to hide in pits of isolation. We reset the wheel speed, tromping on the foot pedal erratically. We reject the Potter’s purposes and seek to shape ourselves.
Eventually, though, we reach the end of ourselves; we find our purposes do not lead to fulfillment. Our Potter is there with His gentle, skilled hands reaching out. He longs to pick us up and place us back on the wheel and begins His creation again! His hands never reject us and are always longing to shape and mold us into a vessel of His love.

Have you surrendered to the loving hands of the Potter?

What a glorious purpose for a redeemed rebellious vessel: a container for the very Spirit of God. The Potter places His love within us and allows us to pour His healing love onto other empty souls! His love is completed in the pouring and the Potter begins to mold those we overflow upon. He softens and shapes with His love; His eternal purposes flow on! Don’t resist Him anymore. Trust His hand to press perfectly and His purposes to loving fulfill!

Finding the Answer to Bullying

Nearly 80% of school age children say they feel the piercing pain of being bullied.  Surprisingly 20% of children admit they are bullies.  The answer for both bullies and the bullied is the same: learning the value of each individual.  Christians are uniquely qualified to present this message. 

Believing every person is created in the image of God sets the stage for valuing all.  Jesus first instructed his followers to love others as they loved themselves.  Later, He increased the challenge and said, “Love others as I have loved you.” Bullies don’t change the Word.  We often need help figuring out how to make a difference.  A surprising animal can help us explore the answer to bullying.

“Just ask the animals, and they will teach you….”  Job 12:7a

Heartsong Aldean

That’s right:   bunnies.  The good intentions and good goals of bunnies go awry when they do not get what they want.  They are a perfect pet partner to help children understand–and fight bullying God’s way. 

Pet-Assisted Learning (P.A.L.) sessions are a creative way to reach the children in your care. 

P.A.L. – Bunnies & Bullies 

It’s All About Me

Finding the Right Way

Feeling the pain

Living Loved

Listening to God

Getting Help

Classroom presentations include a visiting bunny and a coloring page for children.  

Finding The Answer to Anxiety

Anxiety now ranks as the Number One mental health disorder in America.  Nearly 20% of the population are being treated for anxiety-related issues…many more receive no treatment or are unaware of the root cause of problems.  As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace, but we can’t always figure out how to let him reign over our anxieties.  Pet-Assisted Learning sessions improve knowledge application.

“Just ask the animals, and they will teach you….”  Job 12:7a

Horse-Powered learning sessions help move things we believe from our head to our heels.  The truth is that we only believe what we actually live.  Saying that Jesus has given us peace but living with anxiety is painful, destructive and even dishonest. The abundant life is ours to enjoy.  Let the animals help you learn how!

P.A.L. Path to Peace: Answering Anxiety

Traveling on the path to peace requires awareness and action.  Participants will begin by observing the animals & surroundings, and consider their own anxiety level.  With attention directed to physical signs of anxiety and active thoughts, participants will then gather their learning partner and begin. 

Leading their partner, participants will travel a pre-made obstacle course to explore:

  • what causes anxiety for horses
  • what anxiety looks like (and creates)
  • what can be done about it

Understanding the fear nature of a horse helps participants see more deeply into their  own ‘flight responses.’  After completing the course, horses will be allowed to move freely about as participants reflect on the experience and insights gained.

Participants will then build an obstacle course that reflects their personal anxieties and how it feels to navigate through those anxieties.  They will then gather their horse partner and prepare to journey through their course together.

Before that obstacle course is navigated, participant and partner travel a path of peace to gather Scripture truths that will help them conquer the obstacles.  Armed with the knowledge gained in the previous two paths, participants will then face their personal path to peace.

Sunday, January 28 – 3:30 -5:00 PM

Chester County, SC

Limited openings.  $25 per person

P.A.L. Sessions can be scheduled as private sessions or sign up for Glory Glimpse to receive notice of community sessions.