What is a Heartsong?

Do you want more harmony in your life? Love really is the answer, but love that comes first from God. Life is a three-part harmony that begins when we understand our desperate need for a Savior. We can never become all God intends for us to be until we connect our earthly lives to ourContinue reading “What is a Heartsong?”

D.O.G. – Depend on God

My devotion time was led by Hyzer this morning…our 18 oz. grand-dog who spent the night. Opening my prayer time with a plea for God to speak and untangle the chaos in my heart and mind, I immediately heard the waking whines of Hyzer. And here’s what I heard from my Father. Want to hearContinue reading “D.O.G. – Depend on God”

Can others hear your song?

Your song – your story – matters! You have a story to tell! Every life reveals God in a unique way. It is our one glorious opportunity to allow the image of God – which we are created in- to shine forth from our lives. How we live becomes our song of God. The keysContinue reading “Can others hear your song?”

Can YOU hear your song?

Your song is beautiful and sounds like the fruit of the spirit. It sings with the heart of God:   A great place to begin to hear your song clearly is digging deep into the very heart of God. Knowing Him is the key to knowing yourself…and your song.  Fill out the form below forContinue reading “Can YOU hear your song?”

Your Light Will Break Forth!

Yesterday in my prayer time, a question from Experiencing Prayer with Jesus by Henry & Norman Blackaby pierced my heart: “Do you spend enough time with God to know what His heart is for the world in terms of spiritual awakening and revival?” To be honest, I had not asked Him. Perhaps I assumed IContinue reading “Your Light Will Break Forth!”