What is a Heartsong?

Your Life’s Song

Think of the power of a song to lift your spirit, touch your heart, or express your deepest feelings…

Your life is a powerful song. How you live touches other lives.

You are created by God for specific good purposes.

Do you want more harmony in your life?

Love really is the answer, but love that comes first from God. Life is a three-part harmony that begins when we understand our desperate need for a Savior. We can never become all God intends for us to be until we connect our earthly lives to our Creator. A humble heart that realizes Jesus alone can restore us to God is a healthy heart ready to grow.

Harmony starts in the heart of God. Treat yourself to three minutes with this powerful video.

Living out the love God has poured into you is tri-fold. Choose a path below to begin the journey to letting your HEARTSONG beautify this world!

Love GOD Most

Knowing God = Loving God

In the Bible, to know has a very deep meaning. It is not just intellectual awareness. To know in God’s economy is head and heart knowledge.

Simply knowing about God doesn’t change anything. Your heart must feel what your head knows – and your feet must be directed by truth.

The more you love God, the greater your confidence in HIM will be. You will live securely, peacefully, humbly…and the world will be changed because of your love for God.

Love YOU!

You are who God says you are

Finding out ‘who you are’ can lead to some heartbreaking situations. We are created by God for relationship with Him. He is life itself. Just like Adam and Eve, we want to go off on our own — find our own truths and our own ‘life.’

There is a way that seems right to man – it is the way of death.

Seeking to know who God made you to be is a beautiful endeavor. The paths we take muck up our lives and others lives. Dive in to the beauty God has designed in you!

Love Others More

Build healthy relationships

God is a relational God. He was complete before He ever created humanity. But He is also love, and love needs to be expressed. To express who He is (and was and always will be), God created humanity to love.

He created humanity to be conduits of love. We love because He first loved us. In our journey to seeing our heartsong with vibrant joy, we must learn to be loved and to love. And just like the other paths, this entwines with knowing God and knowing who we are. ENJOY!

About Me

Hi, I’m Billie Jo, a thankful child of God. He makes me a better wife, mom, sister, friend, writer, and servant than I can ever be on my own.

This ministry is the overflow of my thankfulness. It is to share the ways God has revealed His love, His presence, and His truth with me. We are blessed that we might bless others. Let’s share together and let the whole world know, He is KING!

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