Cross-Life Coaching

Uniting Body, Soul & Spirit

The Christian faith is not spiritual pie in the sky.   It is living an abundant life…one of fulfillment, purpose and peace.  It doesn’t just ‘happen.’  Believing in Christ is the doorway to such a life.  Jesus provides all we need to live that life but claiming our 53113777-190d-4cb2-bf3b-51178ace3218inheritance demands choosing God above all!

The Apostle Paul explained it saying, ‘we must work out what God has put in us.’  Far too many live as if Christianity is only a ticket out of hell.   Living the ‘Cross-Life’ transforms the day-to-day.  It requires changing habits and attitudes.  Cross-life coaching provides insights & encouragements to help you claim your inheritance.

JESUS is the answer to every problem we face in life.  Most ‘good Christians’ struggle to figure out HOW He is the answer in specific situations.  Cross-life coaching helps you sort through the emotions, confusion and struggle to find the Way to fulfillment, purpose & peace.

We get stuck on our own; we need more than words and insights.  We need another person to come along side us. Church fellowships, friends who share our faith beliefs and pastors are valuable resources.  Sometimes, though, those resources do not extend to the depth desired.  Most folks are uncomfortable pressing into the deeper issues of life.

Cross-life coaching speaks the truth in love.  It helps you establish goals in your daily life in all aspects of life:  body, mind & spirit.  You will dig deeply into your heart and watch God enlarge your capacity for Christ-likeness.   Coaching involves ‘homework’ and ‘heartwork.’ It is a labor intensive prospect that will transform your life.

WHY would I use Cross-life Coaching?

Cross-life Coaching is all about achieving potential…about being all that God created you to be.    It is for the person who wants more from life!  It is for the person who sees what they do with life as their thank-you gift to God!

Cross-Life Coaching is designed for all who:

  • feel ‘stuck’ in a certain behavior pattern or situation.
  • believe there is more to living the Christian life than they currently enjoy.
  • want to identify and remove barriers to abundant living.
  • seek clarity on expectations, goals and life purpose.
  • long to live with their eyes focused on eternal impact.

WHAT kind of things will come up?

Cross-Life Coaching is personal.  The life of faith is lived out individually but abundant living involves some common areas:

  • Knowing God More
  • Developing as His Disciple
  • Healing from Hurts
  • Giving God Glory by Sharing Your Hope
Give me a hope, M.G. Kafkas
Give me a hope, M.G. Kafkas


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