Cross-life Coaching

What is Cross-life Coaching?

Coaching is not counseling or advice. It is a relationship that focuses on listening to you – and helping you listen to yourself!

As your coach, I offer unbiased observations, clarifying questions, assurance of God’s love and wisdom, encouragement, and accountability for you.

Coaching helps YOU:

        • determine what you want to change in your life
        • set a goal
        • create an actionable plan
        • walk toward that plan

How–where–do I start?

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the heart-work He wants you to begin. Embark on the FREE Six-day Journey to Abundant Living and listen to the Spirit as you travel.

Or contact me for a FREE consultation.

How much time does Cross-Life Coaching take?

Coaching is by appointment only and can be in-person, over the telephone or with an internet meeting (e.g. Zoom Meeting Rooms).   Individual sessions require 45 minutes and focus on a specific issue (e.g. personal struggle, impending decision).

Heartsong AART (Animal Assisted Relationship Trainings) sessions target communication and connection issues.  Sessions are scheduled for 1.5 hours each and spaced at two-week intervals.

The brain processes change in a cyclical manner, so working within our biology is beneficial.This requires a 40-day commitment which aligns with Scriptural example and the science of habit formation.   The series time-span provides adequate time for changes to be identified and practiced.

A limited number of openings exist for Coaching.  A waiting list is maintained and individuals contacted as others complete a Coaching Cycle.

What is the cost?

Cross-Life Coaching is an investment in abundant living!  Individual sessions (45 minutes) are $30 and series sessions  (1.5 hours) are $50.

Seven individual sessions (scheduled over 77 days to effectively harness the brain’s power to change) can be purchased as a package for $175.

Cross-life coaching is an intensive process that requires commitment–from you and me.  Knowing God more deeply is a priceless pursuit.   It is an investment in your life and others that you determine to make.  Scholarships are available.

For more information or to schedule a free conversation about whether Cross-Life Coaching is for you, please contact me:

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