Cross-life Coaching – Getting Started

How–where–do I start?

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the heart-work He wants you to begin. Embark on the FREE Six-day Journey to Abundant Living and listen to the Spirit as you travel.  Or choose one of the sessions/series outlined below and make plans for your future today!

How much time does Cross-Life Coaching take?

Coaching is by appointment only and can be in-person, over the telephone or with an internet meeting (e.g. Zoom Meeting Rooms).   Individual sessions require 1.5 hours and typically focus on a specific issue (e.g. personal struggle, impending decision).

Broader life change issues (e.g. communication, relationship concerns) are better served through one of Heartsong’s three-series sessions.  Sessions are scheduled for 1.5 hours each and spaced at two-week intervals.  The brain processes change in a cyclical manner, so working within our biology is beneficial.This requires a 40-day commitment which aligns with Scriptural example and the science of habit formation.   The series time-span provides adequate time for changes to be identified and practiced.

A limited number of openings exist for Coaching.  A waiting list is maintained and individuals contacted as others complete a Coaching Cycle.

What is the cost?

Cross-Life Coaching is an investment in abundant living!  The cost is $30 per hour with sessions ideally taking 1.5 hours ($45).  Cross-life coaching is an intensive process that requires commitment–from you and me.  Knowing God more deeply is a priceless pursuit.   It is an investment in your life and others that you determine to make.  If you are unable to pay, prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you to give, and we will discuss that.

For more information, please contact me:

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