YOUR song…HIS glory

Seeing and sharing the glory of God is the personal story of your life.  The unique design God has placed within you takes place all of the time.  We share our stories as we interact with others in the daily details of life.  Other times we are much more intentional about sharing:  choosing ways we will serve others; becoming a servant of the Church by leading Bible Studies or helping with Youth Ministries; or even by documenting our own faith journey.  Every bit of it is vitally important.

“You may be the only Bible some people read.”  I don’t really like that quote.  What a sad truth it conveys.  But it gives us great incentive too.  Does your life proclaim Jesus?  Our story becomes clearer when we intentionally examine our life for the evidence of His presence.  Your life matters.  It is the unique expression of God Himself.

Time passes quickly, great legacies are lost in the pages of time. Keep that from happening! Put the stories you know in writing and pass them along. Each life is a unique revelation of God. Be intentional about the revelation of His glory in your life.

Throughout this website, you will find tips and tools for capturing and sharing the glimpses of God in your life.  One of my favorite things is to help others tell their story.  Giving voice to the unique beauty of God’s work in individual lives is a holy privilege.  Opportunities to share happen all of the time.  It is critical that we heed the advice of Paul and ‘be ready in season and out’ to share the Good News.  God at work in our lives IS good news!Exacto knife

Some think that we only have one ‘testimony’ of the work of God in our lives.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  God works in us and through us every day of our lives.  Savoring the work He does keeps us humble and thankful.  Sharing our stories helps others know Him more.  Sometimes the big stories have so much emotion involved, it is hard to tell the story clearly.

Joy in the Journey is a resource that will help you unpack the fingerprints of God on your life.  Just as Jacob said in his own time of crisis, “Surely God is in this place.”  God is present in all you experience!


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