Spiritual Snacks May Kill

My asparagus bed has been busy; sadly, so have I, but not with it.  In the past couple years, I have tilled and planted.  The bed is prepared to produce plenty of asparagus for our family.  This spring, though, the asparagus sprouted and seeded before I made time to cut it–or weed it.  The harvest was ready, and I was not paying attention.

Nevertheless, I made it out there today.  A few stalks could be saved, and I weeded the bed, so more is likely to come.  Since my garden serves as a recreational hobby and not nourishment, a morsel from it is fine with me.

A morsel in other areas of life can be disastrous.  This week as I read the passages of Scripture preceding the Crucifixion, I saw that Judas received a ‘sop from Jesus.’  Sop is defined as a morsel.  Not feasting with the Lord creates a shallow faith life that breeds betrayal and ultimately death.  Shallow Christianity is a big deal.

It can happen to anyone.  Judas had walked closely with the Lord for years before he allowed a preference for the earthly to crowd out his love for the Lord.  Whether it was disappointment over Christ’s way of reigning or pure greed, evil took root and crowded out the harvest in Judas’ life.  Does Jesus have priority in your life?

Our lives are gardens poised to produce a harvest.  The tilling and the planting of the past is never enough.  A snack at the table of the Lord does not produce life..  We must invest our heart, soul and mind in knowing Christ; we must feast of Him. Stewarding our faith life is of eternal importance.  Jim Forest Sieger Painting Footwashing (2)

Before the ‘sop,’ Jesus washed the feet of the one who would betray him.  That is Jesus–always calling, always serving.  Have you received from Him?  Are you making time for Him?  He is worthy.  Don’t miss the harvest intended from (and for) your life.



Published by Billie Jo

I am a thankful, awed child of God and wife to Craig, mom to Rusty and Riesa. My passion is helping others enjoy the presence of God.

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