Led By a Child

Feeling ‘stuck’ is a common human experience.

Most everyone knows the definition of insanity that says, “You just keep doing the same thing but expect different results.”  Our God-seeking group has been using the Jennie Allen, Stuck Study to break free of those things that mire us down.

Every member of the group sees their quicksand differently.  One feels stuck in the area of relationships, another in the past, another in weak disciplines…  All recognize that God has the answer; getting to Him and hearing clearly creates a continuing challenge.  Pressing on with our study brought us to a drawing exercise.   Each member of the group was to create a picture of what ‘being stuck’ was like.

Again, God’s amazing creativity poured forth as each adult shared their perceptions of being stuck.  Hanging off a cliff, crushed under a boulder with only grasping hands reaching out, carrying a ball and chain, on a treadmill going nowhere, isolated, lonely…

Stuck is the antithesis of how Christ desires us to live.  Jesus told us that the Truth sets us free.  The Apostle Paul, in the book of Romans, eloquently describes the battle of moving into the freedom Christ provides.  The weariness of life emanated from the adult pictures of stuck.  Then, our youngest member spoke up:

Stuck feels like being a room that has puzzles you need to solve so you can get the keys to get out of the room.

Now, THAT is being led by a child.  He is absolutely right!  A stuck place is not a punishment or a death threat.  It is an opportunity to dig more deeply into our faith and uncover the treasures of darkness God has placed around us!

In the Book of Revelation, we read that Jesus promises overcomers ‘hidden manna’ and a ‘new name (character) that no one else understands.’  While that is future fulfillment Scripture, there is an aspect that applies today.  The struggles you have are different than the struggles I have…you receive the spiritual food appropriate for you–and I for me.  We are both to share it.  Our identities remain unique but we fit together to create a beautiful picture of our Lord and Savior.

Every choice we make launches ripples of consequences.  Much of life remains hidden. 13199062_10206566229454049_400945209_oFaith is the substance of things hoped for, things not seen.  When we make choices based  on faith in Jesus Christ and His promises, our ripples move toward eternal good.  When we make choices (and failing to choose IS a choice), an inevitable process begins that drags us toward captivity.  That which overcomes us is our master.  Be overcome by the Lord of Love…be excited about those challenges, so you can know Him more.  Get in the game with Sawyer!


Published by Billie Jo

I am a thankful, awed child of God and wife to Craig, mom to Rusty and Riesa. My passion is helping others enjoy the presence of God.

2 thoughts on “Led By a Child

    1. He is precious. I love your brother and sister-in-law as well :). I looked for you when we came to your church for the play…one day we’ll meet! Thanks for sharing the awesome Evans’!


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