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The ‘Official’ Author Bio:

Billie Jo Youmans was born in 1964 in a country doctor’s office in rural New York State. Country remains the primary fabric of her being. With five siblings from various families (his, mine, theirs and ours as her mom always said), she comes from a fun and diverse family. Wife to Craig, and mother of young adults, Rusty and Riesa, she continues to relish the joy of nurturing their lives. Family, education, health and country-living are the megaphones God most often uses to catch her attention.

A student by nature, questions and digging have fueled her intellectual and spiritual growth. Writing is simply the natural outflow of the learning she craves. Over two decades of chasing God and enjoying the transformation He produces daily, direct the flow of her writing.

Confident that every person is created in the image of God, she loves helping people find the beauty God has designed them to be.

My unofficial look at ‘me:’

“My world” is shared by my husband of 20+ years, Craig.  He is a gift from God and has given me this incredible privilege of focused time to write and serve.  His heartbeat for living out what God has placed within stabilizes my own heartbeat.  We are united in the ministry with very different roles.

Craig and I have two children who are now young adults who continue to teach and delight us with insights about being ‘children’ of God. We have had the joy of a homeschooling lifestyle.  It has been our greatest delight to watch God grow our babies into such interesting, loving adults.

Outside of the home, I have worked in various capacities in small business, non-profits and ministry.  Currently, I do freelance writing and am actively involved in a variety of ministries that offer me the opportunity to love on individuals as they reach for a better life.  In 2016, we took the exciting and sometimes frightening leap into the world of non-profit leadership.  Heartsong Ministries formally came into being in the minds of the South Carolina & US Governments!  Holding a 501(c)3 status allows others to support and participate in this ministry which exists because of Jesus Christ’s transforming love!

“My credentials” for launching and offering this ministry come from living life as God’s girl  Hebrews 13:20-21.

In the earthly realm, though, I have been blessed to sit under some incredible teacher-pastors.  I am a learner by nature and have enjoyed some incredible opportunities for learning and growth.  They include:


  • Over Two Decades of Daily Intensive Bible Study
  • Commitment to Christ’s Beloved Body, the Church
  • Homeschooling our children through to college
  • Twenty + years of marriage
  • Serving in Christ’s Name by Loving Others
  • Walking the Valley of the Shadow of Death with parents, siblings and friends


  • Worldwide Compassion Ministries – Advanced Healing Training
  • ACCORD Dispute Resolution & Mediation Training
  • Caring for People God’s Way Counseling Program
  • Parent Toolshop
  • S.T.E.P. Systematic Training for Effective Parenting
  • Christian Light Education Teacher Training
  • Lifemanship (Relationship) Training (with Equine Partners)
  • Child Evangelism Fellowship Teacher Training
  • AWANA Trainings
  • Hospice Volunteer Training
  • Rape & Abuse Crisis Line Instruction
  • Ezra Bible Institute
  • State University of NY – Juvenile Justice/Computer Science
  • Christian Leadership Institute
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