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Heartsong AART

Birthing a new program feels like extended labor.  My gratitude to those who labor with me and listen as I seek to articulate the vision of my heart.  I wanted to share part of the labor with you for feedback, prayers and interest.  We have a new booklet, A.A.R.T., Animal Assisted Relationship Training, which outlines the sessions currently in development to aid in discipleship.

This piece of Heartsong will grow with other animals but the heart remains the same:  to see Christians LIVE out the calling God has placed within them.  Future endeavors include a children’s workshop of “Buddies or Bullies” that will use the characteristics of bunnies to point out bullying tactics.

Coming up in June there will be a Servant’s Fair aimed at helping more folks enjoy the opportunity of growth found in serving others.

Later this year, a Joy in the Journey workshop will help people capture their personal stories and see God in their lives.

For now, though, here is a sample of what A.A.R.T. will provide:

ABCS of Safety, Security & Significance: In the Garden of Eden, the choice to reject God’s one command cut humanity off from the Need Meeter. When we seek to meet the needs that God built into us…instead of seeking Him…we sin & become captive to that sin. Restoring connecting to the Father begins the process of healing…and fulfillment…and loving ourselves. From childhood to senior citizen, we must find how Christ is the answer we seek and understand how to apply that answer to diverse situations.

Acceptance by God restores IDENTITY for individuals; it provides strength for life in a changing world. When roles or actions give a person identity, they never learn the unique design God gave them. “Who am I” is a necessary question because the answer gives stability. AART activities help us see through our facades. Scriptures focused on identity in Christ & being treasured by God. (Psalm 139:13-14)

Belonging to God restores boundaries that provide safety and security. In the natural world, safety is an increasing concern from childhood to old age. Involvement with animals requires learning to be observant of body language and danger zones. It is easy to appreciate the value of fences, reins and lead ropes. Extending those truths to the internet, to strangers with candy or puppies and to individual choices is the goal of the coach in the follow up. (Psalm 46:1)

Calling of God restores purpose to lives. The Word tells us God has created us for good works…and for connection to Him. He treasures His children and cares for them. Using the natural needs of animals (nutrition, coat & hoof care, exercise), coaches draw parallels to caring for the body as the temple of God and caring for others. (Eph 2:10)

Joy in the Journey – Workshop

JOY IN THE JOURNEY – An Intro to Journaling & Learning to See the God’s Fingerprints Every Day

The Christian life is to be one of growth toward maturity.  Accepting Christ as Savior is the doorway to learning what His Lordship looks like.  Our journey through life is designed to help us know God more fully, more personally.  Often, we are so busy ‘living’ life that we fail to see the realities of life.  The information in this booklet helps you focus on God in the details of your day.  Several who have used it have shared new insights they received of God and His work in their lives.  Those reports give me joy…and I believe you will have the same results!

Joy in the JourneyJoy in the Journey Back

Joy in the Journey Workshops

A jam-packed 1.5 hour overview or a four-session study that allows more in-depth communication.

You will take away tools to use in seeing, enjoying and sharing God.

Becoming Aware of the Presence of God
Working Out the Principles of Faith (instead of Ivory Tower Faith)
God is Now Here or Nowhere
Power of Emotions & Forgiveness
Life Seasons & Using the Past to Create Vision for the Future
Receiving the Work of God

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Fit Faith Workshops and other topics available on request.  All workshops are provided without a fee.  Heartsong Ministries is a registered non-profit holding a 501(c)3.  All donations are tax deductible.

Fit Faith Workshops

God created us for Himself–and each other.  Learning together is a great way to build relationships and grow in grace & knowledge.   Heartsong Ministries offers a series of workshops called FIT FAITH which target the key components of a healthy faith-walk.

FIT FAITH:  Fasting to increase hunger for God.

Fasting is a beautiful discipline with multiple blessings.  It is also often misunderstood and even feared.  This workshop demystifies the discipline and encourages people to press into the presence of God.

FIT FAITH: Learning to Love the Living Word

This workshop aims at building the Bible skills of believers.  The WORD is a necessity for a strong, vibrant walk.  Tools and tips for growing to love Bible time are offered in this Teaching Talk.

FIT FAITH:  HIS Hands:  Serving in the Name of Christ

Christ came to serve and Scripture reveals that God has prepared good works for each of us to do.  Yet many struggle to find their place of service–or they find themselves inundated with requests to do that leave them empty.  Serving is a beautiful opportunity to grow in our faith-walk.  This Teaching Talk offers insights and help to those wanting to grow through service.

FIT FAITH:  DEVELOPING an exciting prayer life

Prayer sometimes falls into a rut.  The beautiful privilege of entering the presence of God is lost to a ‘to do’ list–or becomes part of the list.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  The video below is a one-minute flyover of the outline for this Heartsong Ministry Prayer Workshop. Pause the video if you would like a slower, deeper overview !

If a Fit Faith Workshop would bless your group, I would love to discuss scheduling.

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Joy in the Journey Workshops and other topics available on request.   Heartsong Ministries is a registered non-profit holding a 501(c)3.  Coaching and consultations are not billed; however a contribution or love offering is an investment in your life, the lives of the others and the Kingdom overall.

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