Discipleship Coaching: What is my Design?

 I recognize alternative teachings can be dangerous; this will stress some and bless others.  I do not take the Scriptures lightly; I ask you to read, pray and ask what if any of the alternate view God would have you embrace.  Tradition spiritual gifts assessments clump all of these passages–and leave some discouraged or confused. I find clarity in looking at the passages with the specificity of the Givers.

Clearly the instructions given in the passage are to the children of God (the redeemed who trust in Christ). However, overall the letter is in the context of the love God that covers all. Not all are children of God but all are created by Him. Paul was speaking to the Church…and we should use our design for Kingdom purposes! This view does not negate that concept; it enhances it!

Romans 11:29 says God calls and gifts without repentance–meaning He seeks us and blesses us long before we ever acknowledge it. To God be great honor and glory!

With all that and the scriptures below, I offer this with a prayer of blessing for any who read.  Individual entries for each of the ‘Designs’ can be explored by clicking the links.

Gifts from the Father

Sin to Battle
Victory to win
Scriptural Examples
Name of God to Meditate On
Idol of control
Fullness of Relationships!
John the Baptist, Miriam, Naomi
Jehovah Jireh
Idol of peace
Finding value in God’s eyes!
Joseph (father of Jesus), Barnabas, Timothy
Jehovah Rophe
Idol of being right
Live Truth not just know it!
Luke, Isaiah, Samuel
Jehovah Nissi
Idol of comfortable
Embracing hard times for joy set before you!
Paul, Jeremiah, Moses
Jehovah Shalom
Idol of materialism
Excellent stewardship of God’s resources!
Matthew, Abraham, Job
Jehovah Rohi
Idol of me
Leadership that blesses masses!
Joseph (coat of many colors), Nehemiah, Noah
Jehovah Tsidkenu
Idol of my way
Intimacy with God that delivers holiness!
John (son of Thunder), Ruth, David
Jehovah Shammah
Jesus fully portrayed every aspect of these designs. We are designed to grow into His image…to grow into all of these areas, but we have a default design that God gave us.

But what about….

Looking at the Romans 12 gifts as individual design leaves us with many other scriptural gifts, doesn’t it? But mushing all of those gifts together in one spiritual assessment is not the answer. In Ephesians 4, we see that Jesus, the Son, gives gifts to the Church. These are often called the Five-Fold Ministry Gifts or Equipping Gifts. Not every believer receives these gifts…Christ gives what His Beloved Church needs. Every Church body has the gifts within that it needs to grow and flourish.

The gifts to the Church are the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastor/Shepherds and Teachers. The individual designed as a ‘teacher’ may or may not be a Teacher for the Church. God may use a Prophet as the Teacher in an individual body of believers. The Gifts of the Son are to the Church based on the needs of the Church.

Gifts of the Spirit

Perhaps the most well known list of spiritual gifts is found in First Corinthians. It is the preface to the ‘love chapter’ for Paul said NOTHING is of use without love. These gifts are also called manifestation gifts…because they manifest (or make visible) God!

These amazing gifts are available to every believer as needed…when the believer is walking in the spirit. Wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles, discernment and tongues are among the gifts given by the Holy Spirit.

The gifts of the spirit are all about ministry. When you are face-to-face with a hurting soul, the Spirit longs to meet that wounded soul with a touch. Quiet your own soul and listen to the Spirit; He will provide the gift needed at just the right time!

Further Reading you may desire

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