Glimpses of God

Every child of God gathers fingerprints from the Father throughout their life.  Capturing and sharing those glimpses of both our privilege and responsibility!  We are called to be witnesses!

There are many ways to do it, the challenge is getting started!

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Often, the glimpses come in the darkest times and someone to look with you is very valuable.  

 Cross-Life Coaching is a great option in those times.

Throughout this website, you will find tools for helping you ‘see’ God in the midst of tough times. It takes time and tenacity to see His fingerprints in your life but nothing is more precious.  

Once you find those fingerprints, you want to share them to help others do the same!  The link at the top of the page will help you with that or visit some of the writing pages on this site.

clouds gloryPsalm 18:11  He made darkness his covering, his canopy around him– the dark rain clouds of the sky.

There is a story being written by every life.  When we answer the call of God by faith in Jesus Christ, He becomes the author of our story.  Learning to let Him direct the details of our days makes life full of purpose and meaning.  Every day of our lives, every moment of our days, God wants to use us to show others His incredible love and glory.

Helping others see His fingerprints on the pages of their lives is my joy.  Many of the blog pieces aim at exactly that goal:  revealing His glory in the tough stuff of life.  Several pages on this website are written to help you tell your own story.  OR if that is not something you would like to tackle, I would love to help.

Sometimes we can not even see the story being written….or it feels too ugly to be a God story.  His ways are not ours; He never is far from us.  The times we can not see or feel Him are when we need someone to listen and give us a glimpse through the lens of Scripture.  If you are struggling to see the goodness of God in your life, I would be honored to hear your story and share what I hear in the midst.  Words of hope help us press forward.  Writing itself offers healing.  Your story has a beauty no other story will ever have.  Infusing it with the Light of the Word will bring out its power.   I invite you to dig into your story and craft into a piece you can share with others–or not!  Simply knowing our stories and writing  them out has a power to bless  in amazing ways.

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