Workshop: Joy in the Journey

The Christian life is to be one of growth toward maturity.  Accepting Christ as Savior is the doorway to learning what His Lordship looks like.  Our journey through life is designed to help us know God more fully, more personally.  Often, we are so busy ‘living’ life that we fail to see the realities of life.  The information in this booklet helps you focus on God in the details of your day.  Several who have used it have shared new insights they received of God and His work in their lives.  Those reports give me joy…and I believe you will have the same results!

Joy in the JourneyJoy in the Journey Back

Table of Contents

Journey to Spiritual Growth

Today is the Day

Digging into the Details of Our Days

His Presence in Our Past

Weaving Past & Present

Today & Tomorrow

Caring for Christ’s Home

Joy in the Journey Workshops

A jam-packed 1.5 hours! You will take away tools

to use in seeing, enjoying and sharing God.

Becoming Aware of the Presence of God
Working Out the Principles of Faith (instead of Ivory Tower Faith)
God is Now Here or Nowhere
Power of Emotions & Forgiveness
Life Seasons & Using the Past to Create Vision for the Future
Receiving the Work of God

Cost:  Love Offering (Traveling costs if needed)

Contact:  Billie Jo Youmans ( OR 803-374-9800)

Book available at following locations:

Joy in the Journey PDF

God desires for us to ENJOY this life! He has given it to us as a gift. Joy in the Journey provides tools for unpacking the gifts He has given! Exploring the seasons of life–and God’s presence in each–deepens understanding and reveals the fingerprints of God in every detail of life. Utilizing journaling and insights from such greats as St. John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila’s ‘Interior Castle’, Joy in the Journey leads you toward the abundant life Jesus desires for you!


Create Space Store for $6.99 plus s/h

Amazon Store (Paperback & Kindle)

Paperback:  $6.99 plus s/h (Free Shipping options)

Kindle cost $4.99

Other Books:


Soul Training in the Barn PDF

Jesus made the way for us to restored relationship with God. We can never work our way to heaven. But there is work to be done in the Christian life…we have been given EVERYTHING we need for victorious living. Soul Training is about learning how to use all that we have. This Bible Study guides you through scriptures that outline the glorious privileges we have as children of God!


An excellent resource for those wishing to establish a faith walk.  Foundational truths and faith-life disciplines are explored and explained in the context of training principles.

Fixing Our Eyes on God – PDF

An A-Z devotional study using lesser-known Names of God.


A faith-developing look at some lesser known names of God.  Explore how HE IS each of these names to you!

HIS Hands in Service – PDF

Jesus said He came to serve, not be served. We have the immense privilege of serving in HIS name. Understanding the privilege in its depths shows honor to God and brings good to ourselves & others. This book was originally developed as a homeschool guide for developing service opportunities that could generate high school credit on a transcript.


Serving Christ brings fruit for others and ourselves.  Explore all the aspects of serving and allow God to grow you as you give of yourself.


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