Do I Have a Story?

Stories…everyone has one!  But with all there is to do in life, why take the time to write my story?  
Because there will never be another you!  God has placed within you and the frame of your life, a unique glimpse of Himself.  Share it with others as a conversation…share it as a friend on a journey through life, because that is what it is.
Writing at its core is simply communication. Some people are gifted communicators. Their ideas are clear and perfectly united with their hearts. Such folks boldly and effectively share their passions. The rest of us have more muddied minds with thoughts that get tangled as they seek to find their roots in the heart. That is just fine…writing will untangle things and bless you as it touches others.
Writing about our journey to Christ through the events of our lives helps us see His fingerprints and feel His loving touch. So added to all of the other practical aspects of writing are eternal purposes in this endeavor.
Your story is a factual paper…not persuasive. It is a record of your life, your view. No one else has to agree. You may, though, have a desire to point your readers to Jesus Christ for their own blessing. It is up to you. Our coming to Christ is a continual thing. We don’t have just one story or testimony. Our faith is to be a living faith that has new stories every day.
Here are some ideas to get you started.  As you read on, you will find questions to guide you through the times of your life. You may or may not need these questions. You can pick any event(s) and write on that specific one…or you can write your whole story!

In the beginning…

God calls us long before we hear Him, let alone respond to Him. We can only see what we look at, so looking toward Jesus helps us see the fingerprints of God on our lives. To begin with, let us think back on our spiritual heritage. Let the Spirit guide your thoughts and direct your writing. Tell the story of your faith with your eyes on God, so others can see Him. You could start by thinking back to childhood with questions such as:

  • ·Did you go to church as a child?
  • ·How did you get there? Whom did you go with?
  • ·What was your favorite part? What was not comfortable?
  • ·Did you stop going? If so, why?

Or maybe you want to start at the beginning of a relationship with Jesus.

  • ·Who was the first person who told you about Jesus?
  • ·Did you know anyone who lived with Jesus as their friend?
  • ·What does friendship with Jesus look like?
  • ·Does Jesus feel like your friend?

Story Additions

An expandable file makes a great place to keep the story you are sharing. Once you begin, new stories will come to mind to tell another day!

Tuck pictures in the file. Newspaper clippings or cards may be a great addition too. Years ago we created story folders for the ‘grandparents.’ WWII gas rationing stubs and food coupons are a part of the treasure created.  Your story continues to unfold!

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I am a thankful, awed child of God and wife to Craig, mom to Rusty and Riesa. My passion is helping others enjoy the presence of God.

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