Glory Glimpse: Omega

The name we will consider for our Lord today typically appears as part of a title: Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega—the beginning and the end.  Our attention today, though, will focus primarily on how He is the Omega, the fulfilling End of all.  Jesus ascribed this title to Himself in the opening of His Revelation to John.  Christ said ‘this is who I am—tell the churches!’  It is a title offering confident rejoicing and purpose to His Body.

John gave us wonderful insights in his gospel about the alpha portion of this name.  “In the beginning was the Word…without Him not anything was made.”  Life itself begins in Jesus.  Life also finds its completion in Jesus.  Christ embodies the totality of the purposes of God.  He is the ‘end of the law’ and the ‘last Adam.’ His perfection—His completeness) is the source of eternal life for us!  He is the source of fulfillment in our earthly lives as well.  Nothing else will satisfy…we will continue to seek until we find the End!

As the End of the Law, Christ fulfills the law as only He can.  The end of the law is righteousness:  He is that End for He is Righteousness.  Christ became sin, though He was sinless, so that He could give us His righteousness!  When we pursue righteousness on our own—through good works and self-initiative, we are derailed from the End.  God gave the law that we might glimpse how lacking in righteousness we are.  It is but a shadow of the plans He desires for every man—the plans Christ fulfilled.  The purpose of the Law is creating a thirst that only finds satisfaction in Christ:  the End, the fulfillment of the law.

Jesus as the End not only gives us a future; He gives us purpose in the present as well!  Paul tells us in Corinthians that the first Adam was a living soul.  Adam was able to see, feel and interact with the blessings of the world.  This world is an amazing place, full of great beauty and adventure.  Our soul thrills to the things this world offers. Yet, all that it is in the world ultimately leaves us empty—there is no end to seeking until we find the End, the last Adam:  Jesus.  He is the quickening spirit who brings life to the world.  Without the presence of the End, the pleasures of the world simply pass away.

Sadly, though, life has a way of deceiving our hearts and turning our eyes from the perfect End!  The blessings of earthly things draw us into pursuing them—and leaving the Way to true fulfillment.  Financial security, the praise of men, the accomplishments of goals and the pleasures of life become substitutes for the presence of God.  We seek the gifts and not the Giver and end up with only fleeting benefits.  Disasters destroy our savings, fickle friends destroy our confidence and pleasures often produce destruction of our bodies and minds.  Mistaking blessings for evidence of God’s love derails us from the Way.  He must be the End we pursue.

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I am a thankful, awed child of God and wife to Craig, mom to Rusty and Riesa. My passion is helping others enjoy the presence of God.

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