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The heart of Heartsong Ministry is growing disciples.  Jesus didn’t die so we would have meager lives here.  He died so we would live abundantly, lifting Him up as our Savior and our Sustenance.

Every article, every compiled work available through Heartsong is for that purpose.  Technology has now made it possible to offer those resources to readers electronically.  This drastically reduces costs and increases accessibility.

On this page you will find Heartsong Resource with a link to the article explaining it–and an option to order it electronically.  In every instance, please know that if you cannot afford the suggested donation, you may fill out a contact form and request it for free.

May God be glorified mightily in each of our lives!

FREE – Bring the Word (in)to Your Life!

God is IN the midst of every day life. Come see and celebrate Him!

Study Guides

Soul Training in the Barn

Joy in the Journey

HIS Hands

Fixing Our Eyes on God



In a Nutshell…

Love is a Verb

Family Heritage Guide – Recording Your Family Legacy


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