Rider of the clouds!

God of Jeshurun.  Okay, so this name is not exciting at first site…but if the ‘clouds’ ever weary you, you are going to love it!

He is the “One who rides the heavens to help you…One who rides in excellency on the clouds.  The refuge you hide in…the

Clouds of Glory, Tom Raven

Clouds of Glory, Tom Raven

refuge supported by His eternal power and purpose.

There is a ‘catch’ so to speak…Jeshurun means ‘upright.’  It is the honorary name of Israel.  Remember Jacob’s name was changed to Israel.  Jacob–the heel grabber, the one who tried to make his own path became Israel.  God desires to transform all of us…the clouds are a sign of His work.  Trust Him.  He’s there to help!!