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Total sufficiency – El Shaddai

Serving faithfully and living blamelessly only happens when we know the One who is All-Sufficient!

Photo by shioshvili via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Photo by shioshvili via Flickr 

When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the LORD appeared to him and said, “I am El-Shaddai–‘God Almighty.’ Serve me faithfully and live a blameless life.  Genesis 17:1

I’ve been digging into the occurrences of words like ‘desire’ and ‘contentment.’  God really cares about what we want–even to the point of protecting us by saying, ‘No” when necessary.  I was sort of surprised to learn that contentment implies completeness and sufficiency.  Our only hope of sufficiency is God Himself.  He revealed Himself as El Shaddai to Abraham in Genesis 17:1.  The scholars say Shaddai is a combination of words meaning ‘who’ and ‘enough.’  Now, how cool is that?!  Our God is Enough.

Worship Him for who He is and all else falls into place.  

Godliness (aka reverence for Him) with contentment (His sufficiency) is great gain!

Our Inheritance

Now here is a convicting name…because the truth is everyone has things that don’t feel like ‘enough.’  That is an insult to God.

Sometimes it is ourself we are dissatisfied with.  We judge ourself not smart enough, not ambitious enough, not pretty enough.  Other times we look at the world:  our friends are not enough–either in quality or quantity; our home is not enough–size or location; our car is not enough.  You get the picture.

We simply judge our lives as “Not Enough.”  We are both wholly right and wholly wrong.

Psalm 73:26  My body and mind may waste away, but God remains the foundation of my life and my inheritance forever.

Our bodies are frail–they waste away.  Our mind–the soul (mind, will, emotions)–is frail as well.  Both have earthly limits; we are not enough for the demands of life, let alone eternity.  But we are made body, soul and spirit.  Our spirit is the God-given capacity to receive God as our inheritance.  Only when we invite the Holy Spirit–the eternal God–in as the foundation of our lives, are we enough.


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