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King of Heaven–and of Earth


Most everyone knows the title “King of Kings” but we don’t often live it.  What a privilege we have when the King rules our lives: we get to bring His Kingdom to this broken world!  We get to be used as the answer to our prayer:  “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done!”

Jesus told Peter the Keys of Heaven belong to those whom the Father reveals the Truth of Christ’s identity.  The keys of heaven are not ours so we can determine what is right and wrong for the world–what is bound and loosed.  That has been, is and will continue to be determined by God alone.

The King’s keys allow us to bring His view of Right and Wrong to a broken world in captivity to error.   And as we look at this, a reminder from My Utmost helps me focus.  Jesus also said don’t worry about the blind guides of the blind…they’ll fall into a ditch together.  Just focus on walking toward Jesus, trust His goodness and power to guide not your ability to walk well :).

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