Missing the Answered Prayer

I often miss the answer to my prayers.  Yesterday it nearly happened again.  Sharing the post on Christ’s characteristic of Tender-heartedness, I tweeted: May our hearts break for the same things that make Jesus weep. ‪#‎sinkills‬ ‪#‎lovelife‬ https://t.co/YtzJOeuQ84 https://t.co/aJONCkLxWF As the day closed out, I was weary and a little edgier than usual.  Waking up,Continue reading “Missing the Answered Prayer”

Be a Hero Like Terri

Bible stories are not stories; they are history.  Every day we live, we write more history.  Stories of courage from Scripture are necessary for us to know…but sharing the stories of the faithful through the years has merit as well.  There are heroes of faith all around us.  One of my prayers with this littleContinue reading “Be a Hero Like Terri”