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Missing the Answered Prayer

I often miss the answer to my prayers.  Yesterday it nearly happened again.  Sharing the post on Christ’s characteristic of Tender-heartedness, I tweeted:

May our hearts break for the same things that make Jesus weep. ‪#‎sinkills‬ ‪#‎lovelife‬ https://t.co/YtzJOeuQ84 https://t.co/aJONCkLxWF

As the day closed out, I was weary and a little edgier than usual.  Waking up, that same unsettled sadness felt like a cloak over my heart and mind.  There was nothing wrong; I had no significant crises, blatant sins or offenses from or to another.  Yet, the joy and peace that typically settles me was distant.  As I spent time with Jesus, it suddenly dawned on me what I had prayed:  break my heart for what breaks yours.  That cloak that felt heavy transformed into a sharing in the sufferings of my Savior.

When I realized that it was the heart of Jesus I was feeling, it all began to make sense.  I asked the Holy Spirit to show me what had pierced my heart yesterday that brought the pain.  I asked Him, “What was it that broke YOUR heart?”

Here is what I heard:

  • “Me” focus that is self-righteous…isolating…self-pitying…self-excusing…blind to the larger issues.
  • “You” focus that demeans…dismisses…judges…elevates others.
  • Shallow promises that are not honored.
  • Half-hearted desires for better things.
  • Taking responsibility for what is not ours…perhaps to take credit we do not deserve.

I am not sure how I forget that praying is dangerous.  God answers our prayers, but we must follow his earthly mother’s example and treasure things in our heart.  May our prayer today be to  bring pleasure to the soul of our Savior!

Be a Hero Like Terri

Bible stories are not stories; they are history.  Every day we live, we write more history.  Stories of courage from Scripture are necessary for us to know…but sharing the stories of the faithful through the years has merit as well.  There are heroes of faith all around us.  One of my prayers with this little series is that you will share your stories–or the stories that inspire you!  Today, though, I want to point you to a blog I stumbled across.

Diary of a Quadriplegic

I have not met this lady, and she doesn’t know I am writing this column.  I suspect she is a hero to many more than me.  Her name is Terri Nida.  She tells her story with raw realness that never fails to humble me, challenge me–and encourage me.  Do go read it…my summary doesn’t convey the power of her story.

The short version is this:  in the midst of a ‘perfect life,’ she found herself in a pit of despair.  Longing to reconnect with the God she knew but had become distanced from, she fasted and prayed.   Just days before suffering a paralyzing injury, she wrote this on her Facebook Page:

Some life circumstances are not meant to be understood; the call is just to keep moving forward one step at a time. That’s called faith.

Terri Nida is a hero for me because she answered that call with faith in a sovereign, good God.  She continues to answer that call and share her journey with humble, hurting honesty.

“…Little did I know I was getting ready to take a journey with God that would teach me how to claw out of that well, inch by inch. When I woke up in the ICU a few days later, I suddenly had a desperate need for support from friends and family and a relationship with God. Thus I began my journey of physical, spiritual, and emotional healing….”

“Since I became a quadriplegic, I’ve kept the belief that God has a greater purpose in this than what I can see. I believe this with all my heart! And yet maneuvering through each individual day and through an odyssey of emotions as I face increased medical problems and visits to the hospital ICU, it’s been hard for me not to think of each day as a negative event. “

Courage is not the absence of fear and pain.  In fact, the absence of those things testifies to nothing really.  Praising God in the good times is not a sacrifice of praise.  Terri’s blog inspires me because she shares the treasures she has mined in darkness for those who have not trod the depths she has been called to.  She holds fast to confidence in God…and in His purpose for life…for every life.

Scripture tells us that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  Go listen to Terri’s words because she has had to try the Word of God–and she finds it faithful.  A hero is one who lives the Word in a way that others can hear.  Heroes deliver hope and life through their lives.  The world needs more heroes.  Let Terri help you become a hero like her…one who knows the truth of Romans 8:35-38 because she lives it.