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Singing my Heartsong

Writing has been a part of my life for over twenty years.  I believe God called me to writing because I’m a slow learner.  I have to go over things again and again before I can get them.  Writing makes me do that.  As the years and the studies accumulated, a dream to help others do the same kept nudging me.  I saw how God changed me as I focused on Him…I rejoice in His love and power to do that.  Finding a way to take my passion public gave birth to Heartsong Ministries.

Many of you have been on this journey with me for a long time.  This summer I spent time creating a real business plan…and began the laborious process of legalities of becoming a non-profit.  Most of the SC work is now done…the federal paperwork will then begin.  All of that was daunting but today, I ventured out as an entity into the public eye.  The spiritual battle that endeavor generated surprised me.

Heartsong is the essence of my heart:

finding out HOW Jesus is the answer

when everything visible negates Him as that answer.

Creating a brochure and table displays nearly stymied me.  Setting up a table to share my vision felt like walking on a stage naked.  The process left me feeling vulnerable, foolish and presumptuous.  Doubt and fear clouded my mind and heart.  Doesn’t everyone already know all of this?  Isn’t it what church is all about?  Yet I know that hearts are burdened, truth gets stuck in the heart and there is often no one to ‘sit in the mess’ and help you.  Heartsong is about taking what we all know…and putting it on our feet!

So, I battled from what I know about God.  He is faithful to His Word.  Knowing and living it changes everything–and defeats the enemy every time!

God met with me every morning this week, reassuring me..pressing me forward,  Throughout each day, He reminded me of who He is and how He works.  His kids, my friends encouraged and supported me all week…helping with projects, praying and loving.  God gave me grace and sweet ‘holy ground’ experiences of planting seeds in some hurting and hard ground throughout the week.

Today:  The table visitors were sweet God-appointments.  It was sheer joy to spend the morning giving God glory…and I was reminded it is that joy in His goodness that calls me to full-time service to my King.

The vision for the ministry includes involving more of God’s willing servants. When we who wear His name lift Him up with more perseverance and passion, He will draw people to Himself.  Come be a part!   Community events like the upcoming International Day of Prayer, a Christian Speaker’s group and Service Fairs to help you find your particular avenue are some of the plans.  The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church offers a great group project experience.  It is a powerful reminder of what faith is meant to be!  The pictures below show you a bit more; I now have brochures I’d love to share, but what is God saying to you?  We are the Body; we need each other:

What has God laid on your heart?  How can we encourage one another!


Fighting for Freedom & Abundant Life

Everyone struggles in this life.  Jesus said it would be that way:

I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”  John 16:33

Scripture tells us that it was for freedom that Christ came (Galatians 5:1, Isaiah 61:1, Luke 4:18)…but freedom is not free.

  • Freedom cost the Father the pain of watching His Son suffer.
  • Freedom cost Jesus the pain of rejection by His own, physical suffering and he shame of death on the Cross.
  • Freedom costs us the discipline of surrender; it requires that we be willing to lay down our desires and do His will.  We call it dying to ourselves.  We can’t do it without the Holy Spirit–and we can’t do it alone.

Sometimes the cost feels too great; our trust is too small to get us through to surrender.  Other times the enemy of our souls, Satan, obscures and confounds the message of freedom.  Fear, blindness and hopelessness keep us from the life God desires for us.

The fight for freedom–the fight for the abundant life Christ came to give us–demands relationship with others.  We are designed for one another and grow best in the context of relationships. Pursuing discipleship with other believers is key to the health of the Body–corporately and individually.  It is not a sign of weakness or ill-health to seek help for struggles in life; it is a sign of a desire to live fully!

What things keep Christians from walking in freedom?

  • Hurts that breed resentment and unforgive-ness happen in every life.
  • Truths that get stuck in our head and can’t find their way to our heart (or our feet) are part of the human experience.
  • A lack of confident understanding about the authority of one who is in Christ and/or the skills to use that authority.

The life of faith—the life of freedom—is one of continual growth.  God created us to need one another.  Those who engage in mentoring relationships minister to those who mentor.  It is a mutually beneficial relationship.  It is a beautiful time of living faith and seeking to understand how the living Word applies to the life we are living.

Why would someone seek a mentor?

Those who are willing to face challenges and ask ‘why?’ seek to be discipled.  They are the individuals strong enough to believe that God has promised abundant life…individuals willing to seek the face of God.  Faith that demonstrates such courage inspires others.

In the Old Testament, most of God’s children told Moses—‘you talk to God and tell us what He says.’   God is not interested in second-hand conversations, but learning to hear His voice takes time.  Mentors help tune ears and fix eyes on the ways of God.  Hebrews 4:16 encourages us to approach the throne of grace with boldness to obtain mercy and receive grace.

Is a mentor just a friend?

A friend can be a mentor, but often friends do not want to ask the hard questions.  Mentors have to be willing to make you a bit uncomfortable.  We don’t grow best in our comfort zones.  Friends are important, but friends often find comfort in keeping us where we are at.  Mentors focusing on helping us grow.

How do I find a mentor or form a discipling relationship?

  • The place to begin is your church.  Ask God top reveal to you who would be a good person to help you grow spiritually.  Speak with your pastor or a member of the leadership team about your desire.  Then, simply share with that person your desire and see if a plan can be set up.  Discipling requires discipline and commitment.  If the first person you ask is unable to make the commitment, keep looking!
  •  Some churches (like my own) have ministry teams who schedule appointments for those interested in discipleship.  I would love to share information on how this began and ways to do the same in your community.
  • Use the internet.  There are many websites like this one, and many individuals like myself who offer discipleship coaching or classes for a fee as a way to continue ministering at large.
  • Begin a Bible Study with a friend and serve as accountability partners.  I have some favorites, I would be glad to recommend if you don’t know of one you’d like to do.

For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son, so that his Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.  Romans 8:29

God has great plans for us!  The Holy Spirit superintends our growth.   He guides us in the desire to grow in grace and knowledge  as Jesus did.  Enjoy the journey!


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