You are a Fingerprint of God

Have you every thought of that?  

YOU are an expression of God in this world.

 He knit you together. He holds you together.  As you let Him direct your life, His glory is revealed in the midst of others who so desperately need to see God.  Learning to get out of God’s way has been a slow process for me!  He is so gentle and kind, He never rushes us along.

This website and related blog aims at helping you be the beautiful expression of God that you are designed to be.  Perhaps you landed here searching for a boost to your faith or maybe you find a longing in your heart to leave a legacy with your life.  Those are God-given desires…and God loves to grant the desires He places within!

So, Welcome!  Browse about.  Read.  Contribute.  Share your unique perspectives!  I hope you will be inspired to write your own story–or a tribute to a loved one.  If you do not like to write or just need some pointers, I would be honored to help.    I will listen to your story and help you craft a piece that expresses your deepest desires.

We are here to change the world together by bringing His Kingdom to bear on a broken world.  Let’s get going!

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