Building and Embracing Legacies

DSC05519Growing into the design God intends for us takes a lifetime.  Along the way, God uses many tools to shape us.  The stuff of life is never happenstance.  It is what God plans for us that we might know Him more.  Exploring our lives in depth–and honoring the lives that have shaped us provides us with amazing insights into the work God plans in our lives.  Years ago, I created a tool for our then again parents to capture some of their story.  I’d love to share that with you.

In our family, animals have been part of God’s training package for us!    Soul Training in the Barn is a Bible Study paralleling the training of horses with discipleship.  It has been said that life is the gift God gives us; what we do with our life is our gift to Him.  My passion is to live to please the One who gives me all, so discipleship matters deeply too me.

Believing in the power of pets to touch lives, we are working to develop an Animal Therapy Ministry that visits residential and educational facilities.  We also will be breeding Holland Lop bunnies and English Bulldogs for pet homes.  Our daughter desires to utilize horses in an equine counseling ministry.  God uses every part of His creation to shape and teach us.  We only need to seek to see Him in the details of our days.

Learning from animals is a frequent topic in my other writings.  You will find links for those below:

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Letting God lead when we can’t see.DSC09634

For children (of all ages):

Who Needs Your Love?DSC05554

Learning and Living Truth

You are the design God intended.

Cared for by the Shepherd.

Be sure to visit the Growing Through Life and the Growing in Christ sections of this website as well (see the column on the right for links).  Life is a faith journey we are meant to enjoy!

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