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Those who know me, know I love to learn–and to share.  What God shows me as I study becomes the material I share online.  Each week I write for TBL Faith News and Lambs of the Lord (a children’s site).  Those pieces are as much my heart for followers of Christ as the material I place on here, and I want to make it readily available.  So here are some additional pieces that may speak to your heart.

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A “Walk of faith” is a powerful metaphor to consider.  A walk implies progress, movement and purpose.  In the natural world, a walk offers multi-faceted blessings: the beauty of nature, the health of physical activity, the quieting of the Out for a walktypical frantic pace.  Though I know those things are truth, the primary reason I walk is our 70-pound Boxer.  One of his favorite things in the world is walking.  Well, what he considers walking anyway.  A walk for him is a joyous exploration of sights, sounds and possibilities.  “What’s that smell?  Who has been here?  What’s that over there? Oh, look, people who want to pet me!”

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Faith Workout


Our GPS is an excellent guide; she and I just don’t get along.  It’s not her fault.  We’re often out of sync with one another–or more accurately, I am out of sync with her.  She gives an order, and I obey—too soon and end up on a wrong road.  Or the street she insists on doesn’t fit my recall, so I ignore her—and end up on a wrong road.  She patiently and persistently redirects me.  Best of all:  my struggles with the GPS help me see my problems with a bigger and better guide:  God Himself.

The rest of this piece can be found here:  God as Guide:  the Ultimate GPS


Helping children learn to walk out their faith is the highest privilege and priority parents have.  It is my joy to offer some devotions geared to that.


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I am a thankful, awed child of God and wife to Craig, mom to Rusty and Riesa. My passion is helping others enjoy the presence of God.

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