Family Mission Statement

Have you ever considered writing a family mission statement?  It is a great endeavor.  Years ago as we completed a Crown Financial Ministries Money Map, we were asked to do just that.  As I went over paperwork for tax season, that ‘Money Map’ was in my folder.  It blended so perfectly with my morning devotion time, I want to share the concept with others.  As Christians, we are on a mission for the King of Kings!

This life is all about opportunities for eternity.  It is so easy to become distracted with the earthly that we miss the eternal seedings always possible.  The concept of the Mission Statement is simple.  Take a few moments and consider God’s desire for your life as a family (or as an individual) and build all of your earthly decisions upon that.  Our earthly lives matter…and so does every life we encounter.  Sowing is done in the relationships of life.

Let’s purpose to use the opportunities of today for the good of all we encounter–and the glory of the only One who is Good!  The text in purple is the outline for your Mission Statement.  The text of ours is just a sample.  I’d love to see what God lays upon your heart.  Post back, won’t you?

Describe your purpose as related to:

Relationship with God:  That we will draw closer to God; learn more about who He is and what His plans, purposes & desires for each of us are.

Relationship with family and friends:  That we will be a reflection of God’s love & grace in the lives of others; that we will encourage & exhort others; that we will grow & stay strong in Christ for others; that we will see our weaknesses & failings in light of relationship to others; that we will share the hope Goad has given us; that we will guide & direct our children onto paths of God’s saving grace; that we will live as an example & source of sustenance as we go about our lives.

Summary of our family purpose:  To seek God often and more fully that we might better know Him & reflect Him in our daily lives.  To share God’s love, grace & hope with others.

Family verse:  2 Peter 3:18  But grow in grace & knowledge of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.  To Him be glory both now & forever.

Published by Billie Jo

I am a thankful, awed child of God and wife to Craig, mom to Rusty and Riesa. My passion is helping others enjoy the presence of God.

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