Family Mission Statement

Have you ever considered writing a family mission statement?  It is a great endeavor.  Years ago as we completed a Crown Financial Ministries Money Map, we were asked to do just that.  As I went over paperwork for tax season, that ‘Money Map’ was in my folder.  It blended so perfectly with my morning devotion time, I want to share the concept with others.  As Christians, we are on a mission for the King of Kings!

This life is all about opportunities for eternity.  It is so easy to become distracted with the earthly that we miss the eternal seedings always possible.  The concept of the Mission Statement is simple.  Take a few moments and consider God’s desire for your life as a family (or as an individual) and build all of your earthly decisions upon that.  Our earthly lives matter…and so does every life we encounter.  Sowing is done in the relationships of life.

Let’s purpose to use the opportunities of today for the good of all we encounter–and the glory of the only One who is Good!  The text in purple is the outline for your Mission Statement.  The text of ours is just a sample.  I’d love to see what God lays upon your heart.  Post back, won’t you?

Describe your purpose as related to:

Relationship with God:  That we will draw closer to God; learn more about who He is and what His plans, purposes & desires for each of us are.

Relationship with family and friends:  That we will be a reflection of God’s love & grace in the lives of others; that we will encourage & exhort others; that we will grow & stay strong in Christ for others; that we will see our weaknesses & failings in light of relationship to others; that we will share the hope Goad has given us; that we will guide & direct our children onto paths of God’s saving grace; that we will live as an example & source of sustenance as we go about our lives.

Summary of our family purpose:  To seek God often and more fully that we might better know Him & reflect Him in our daily lives.  To share God’s love, grace & hope with others.

Family verse:  2 Peter 3:18  But grow in grace & knowledge of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.  To Him be glory both now & forever.

Wisdom in Action

Yesterday we looked at the Spirit of Wisdom.  Today, enjoy a look at the promise in action from a friend of mine!

The lofty ideas of scripture may make our hearts soar in the pews on Sunday morning or in our morning devotion times, but those ideas brought into the trenches do even more: they allow the glory of God to blaze. Jesus did not come to delight our hearts; He came to give us abundant life! Last week we considered the Spirit of wisdom and revelation that infuses Christ’s character. Let’s walk today with a sister-in-Christ who allowed that Spirit to sustain her in the trenches of life.

The circumstances of our days can either block our view of Christ or lift us closer to Him. Elizabeth, a home school mother, felt overwhelmed as she faced the many tasks a new school year brought. Each responsibility felt weighty on its own: educating her own children, meeting her missionary responsibilities through Campus Bible Fellowship, editing a discipleship course, caring for the needs of family and serving in their church. All of us know the all-consuming weariness and despair the ‘simple’ tasks of life can bring. Sometimes it feels that survival is the best we can hope for in life: that is the lie of the enemy thrown up to block our vision of the risen Christ!

Early in the year, Elizabeth encountered a quote that God used to lift her eyes to the possibilities placed before her: “We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” Throughout the year, Elizabeth embraced the challenge to view her ‘impossible situations’ as opportunities for God. Mid-way through the year, her pastor quoted a verse she had known for years: ‘Without me, ye can do nothing.’ The Spirit grabbed that truth and immediately brought another to mind: ‘I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me.’ Listen to how Elizabeth describes the ‘Spirit of wisdom and revelation’ that infused her with those words:

“For the first time I noticed the identical words in those two verses I had memorized years earlier. Without Christ I CAN DO nothing, but by His strength I CAN DO everything He wants me to do–even what seems humanly impossible.”

Elizabeth gives us a great example of the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation instilling confidence and hope for her earthly walk! Often, our minds know truths but our hearts fail to connect the realities of our life with the spiritual truths of Christ. God has plans and purposes for each of us; we need only to look to Him to have those plans fulfilled. In our faith walk, as we grow more like Christ, the Spirit continually uses the circumstances of life to highlight the truths we have hidden in our hearts and reveal the glory of God. What truths are you storing up for the Spirit‘s use in your heart and for the revelation of His glory?