Major life change issues (e.g. communication, relationship concerns) are best served through one of Heartsong’s three-series sessions.  These are offered as AART sessions, traditional education (workshops) and individual coaching.

Sessions are scheduled for 1.5 hours each and spaced at two-week intervals.  The brain processes change in a cyclical manner, so working within our biology is beneficial.  This requires a 40-day commitment which aligns with Scriptural example and the science of habit formation.   The series time-span provides adequate time for changes to be identified and practiced.

What is the cost?

The cost is better understood as an investment in abundant living!  Individual coaching sessions are forty-five dollars each (1.5 hours long).  Series packages (three sessions) are $125;.  Cross-life coaching is an intensive process that requires commitment–from you and me.  Knowing God more deeply is a priceless pursuit.   It is an investment in your life and others.  Scholarships are available.

Choose one ABC series below:

ABCs of Deliverance:

Jesus Christ gave His life on the Cross that we could be restored to the source of life.  Salvation–saved from the penalty of our sins–is a ‘one & done’ reality.  When you Accept Christ’s work on the Cross, Believe in His identity–holiness & love, and Commit your life to Him, you are assured of heaven.  Truly living that salvation is the key to proclaiming the gospel in your days!Deliverance also takes place on an earthly, daily realm.  Life in this broken world can hurt.  We can be delivered from that hurt as we seek to apply the same ABCs to the details of our days.  The guilt, anger & unforgiveness that comes with hurts often chains us from freedom in our daily lives.  The ABCs of Deliverance help you live in freedom!

ABCs of Abundance:  In the Garden of Eden, the choice to reject God’s one command cut humanity off from the  Need Meeter.  When we seek to meet the needs that God built into us…instead of seeking Him…we sin & become captive to that sin.  Restoring connecting to the Father begins the process of healing…and fulfillment …and loving ourselves.  From childhood to senior citizen, we must find how Christ is the answer we seek and understand how to apply that answer to diverse situations.  The ABCs of Abundance help you live out your identity in Christ!ABCs of Growing:

Faith in the work of Christ gives us life; after our new birth, we must grow.  God’s intention is for us to become increasingly like Jesus Christ. We must be intentional about our faith walk…and live for God’s intentions not our own.  We grow through relationship.  Healthy relationships involve being aware of needs, bearing with one another & creating life from your relationship.  The ABCs of Growing are all about RELATIONSHIP–with yourself, others & God.ABCs of JOY:

Relationships thrive when communication is clear and healthy…and they collapse otherwise.  Many things interfere with communication, Cross-Life Coaching helps you hone your speaking & listening skills.  These sessions help you say what you mean & hear what is behind the words of another.  Theses skills transform relationships and bring JOY to lives  Growing in understanding of our identity and security in Christ provides a foundation for developing better relationships with others.  Communication skills enhance our connections.  The ABCs of JOY help you hear and be heard.

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