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Growing in Faith

Growing into the design God intends for us takes a lifetime.  Along the way, God uses many tools to shape us.  The stuff of life is never happenstance.  It is what God plans for us that we might know Him more.  Exploring our lives in depth–and honoring the lives that have shaped us provides us with amazing insights into the work God plans in our lives.

Years ago, I created a tool for our then again parents to capture some of their story.  I’d love to share that with you.  Simply sign up here for the Glory Glimpse News and request the Family Heritage Questionnaire.

In our family, animals have been part of God’s training package for us!    Soul Training in the Barn is a Bible Study paralleling the training of horses with discipleship.  It has been said that life is the gift God gives us; what we do with our life is our gift to Him.  My passion is to live to please the One who gives me all, so discipleship matters deeply too me.

Another great way to grow in faith is to dig more deeply into the names of God.  Fixing Our Eyes on God is a 26-week devotional designed to help you do just.

The articles on You are a Fingerprint of God aim at helping you grow in your faith walk by applying Truth.  Books, workshops and Cross-life Coaching are other ways you can invest in the most important part of earthly living:  eternal preparation.




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