Express His Glory in Your Life

About Heartsong ministry

YOU are a Fingerprint of God

It is the message God wrote and writes on my heart.  It is a message of hope for everyone of us.  The Creator created because He loved and wanted to share Himself with others.  Understanding who God is and who we are is the key to a life filled with significance, security and connection.  My passion is to do that with my life–and help others do it in theirs.  It has become the song of my heart–and thus the over-arching name for this ministry is:  Heartsong Ministries.

Helping folks know and live the song God has placed in their heart is the purpose of this website!

Heartsong Ministries provides coaching and education designed to open eyes to the glory of Christ in all things!  The materials on this website are offered as a resource to seekers, as a taste of the beauty God offers.  Should they create a deeper thirst, you may find the other offerings of Heartsong interesting.

Are you an individual READY FOR CHANGE?  For those who are experiencing a cloudy time in life and want CHANGE! one-on-one coaching can be very beneficial.  God allows confusion and emptiness that we will seek Him with greater passion.  If you prefer to press in on your own, there are tools on this website and a book that may assist (Joy in the Journey).  If you feel the need for personal assistance, consider this Six-Day Journey or launch into Cross-Life Coaching.

Are you part of a group LOOKING FOR MORE?  The work of God is faith in God.  Launching out to know Him is exciting.  Heartsong Ministries offers individually designed workshops to those:

All that Heartsong offers to the Body of Christ is for the purpose of helping individuals sing out the song God has placed within them.  May God’s glory be made clearer to you today!   

Heartsong invites you to wander about the posts on this website.  Our prayer is that this site provides hope by helping readers know God more and know their own identity in Christ more fully.  Knowing who God is and what He is like lays a foundation for understanding who we are IN CHRIST.

Articles are in four main categories:

The Christian life is not one that can be lived in natural strength or ability.  Receiving the resurrected Christ into the natural realities produces supernatural living!  Christianity isn’t about self-improvement–it’s about self-surrender so that the Resurrection Life rules and reigns!

Hurt people, hurt people.  Healed people, help people. The abundant life Jesus provides includes healing from the hurts life creates.  Christians need not–ought not–go through life with resentments, discouragement, unforgiveness or hopelessness.  There is healing in Jesus Christ.

Scripture reveals that discipleship is not the same as salvation.  Discipleship is a relationship of romance with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  It requires sacrifice and surrender–but the rewards are out of this world!

Serving in the Name of Jesus Christ is both challenging and rewarding.  Jesus said He came to serve.  When we enter into a serving relationship, there are amazing new revelations of our Savior for us.  Serving is much more than volunteering.  It is finding the ‘good works created for each of us IN Christ Jesus’ and ‘doing them for the glory of God.’




You can support the ministry by shopping at Christian Book Distributors!  Great resources and great prices to help you grow stronger in the Lord.

My story is that God chased me down, loved me into His family and holds me securely.  Those who are forgiven much, love much–and I love my God, my Creator, my Redeemer and Sustainer.  If you are interested, there is more about me on the Bio page.

This ministry–the writings, the education offegretchen-hugrings and the Cross-Life Coaching–are the culmination of a blessing and burden given to me by the Lord.  The unique value of every soul captivates me.  The social structures we live within have no bearing on the value of each person to God.  His love is perfected and completed in each person.  His love IS perfect and complete.  My passion in writing is to help individuals work out the salvation deposited within…to unpack the treasures of faith in a powerful, personal way.

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