Writer of My Story

Jesus is the Author and Perfecter of our Faith.  That’s a title sweet to anyone who loves words and books!

God alone can write my story of faith because He alone knows the things about me that need His touch.  He knows my strengths, myweaknesses, my wounds and the ways that will work best to transform me!

He knows all that about you too.14310069428_097f9b6e18_z

Trust His authorship.  Let Him write without interference and rejoice at the storyline of your life.

He is the hero; you are His focus.

Finding Your God-Given Design


Idol of control
Fullness of Relationships!
John the Baptist, Miriam, Naomi
Jehovah Jireh
Idol of peace
Finding value in God’s eyes!
Joseph (father of Jesus), Barnabas, Timothy
Jehovah Rophe
Idol of being right
Live Truth not just know it!
Luke, Isaiah, Samuel
Jehovah Nissi
Idol of comfortable
Embracing hard times for joy set before you!
Paul, Jeremiah, Moses
Jehovah Shalom
Idol of materialism
Excellent stewardship of God’s resources!
Matthew, Abraham, Job
Jehovah Rohi
Idol of me
Leadership that blesses masses!
Joseph (coat of many colors), Nehemiah, Noah
Jehovah Tsidkenu
Idol of my way
Intimacy with God that delivers holiness!
John (son of Thunder), Ruth, David
Jehovah Shammah

This is only a portion of the gifts from the Father, Son and Spirit.  Visit Discipleship-Coaching for further information.

Taking Responsibility

Deposits are made into our lives moment by moment.  What we do with those deposits is our decision…our responsibility.  Every aspect of life has the potential to produce life and blessing.  It also has equal opportunity to produce death and curses. God assigned humanity the job of caretaker of creation–and that job remains.  We are to steward all that comes into our lives with faith that God is good and has good plans and purposes for us.  Plans and purposes that conclude in victory.

This reality is especially vital to grasp when you reflect on your life and prepare a life story.  Perspective IS everything.  The legacies we inherit from our family–good and bad–are opportunities to reveal God.  We do not need to sugar-coat every hard thing in life; in fact, that is counter-productive.  However, God can be found gleaming out of the darkest points.  Determine to find His glory and your story will blaze with hope.  It will change your present and prepare the way to the future for yourself and others.

Accepting ownership of sin has power in reflection and in daily life.  Indeed, it is the key to solving all the problems in our world, but responsibility must begin with ‘me.’  Taking responsibility does not ignore the sin of others; in fact, it seeks God on behalf of that sin as well.  It is broken-hearted awareness for the natural rebellion of all–and whole-hearted passion for the rightness of God.   God told Cain to rule over sin; we do that by accepting responsibility for the problem of sin in our own lives and living to give God glory for His work.   The curse has been set aside by Jesus, for Jesus.    We are to work out what God has put into us through Christ.

When we take responsibility for that work in our own lives, the residual effect brings life into others’ hard stuff.  If God entrusts tough realities and harsh legacies to us, we can consider them invitations to seek Him for fuller revelation.  Those situations become windows for us to see and reveal the glory of God.  When we revere Him above the hard stuff, we unpack treasures for all around us!  Embrace the privilege.

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Me…an expression of God?

Our story begins as a creative work of God…and unfolds in the same way.  Just like the first humans, we are made in the image of God.  Pause and think on that just for a moment:  YOU are created in the image of God.  Every morning as you awake, let that truth settle into your heart and mind before you bound into the day.  Everyone you encounter has an opportunity to glimpse God in you!  Are you ready for that privilege…for that responsibility?!  Only in Christ can we ever embrace our divine purpose.

The image of God in man was marred in Paradise…and each one of us, every day, mars it more.  We are frail, fallible folks–clay jars indeed.  We make muddy messes; we have cracks and jagged edges.  God knew all that and took care of our lacks before He ever uttered the first word of creation!  (1 Peter 1:20)  So, as you prepare to go into your day as an expression of God, remember to celebrate the love that saw every sin that would mess up His plans–and made a Way in spite of the sin!  That is the God we are called to be the image of!

Finally, before you enter into your day, remember the ‘Work’ is complete. God does not ask us to do what we can never do.  Our ‘ability’ rests on this:  believing in the Lord Jesus Christ.   Jesus stated our daily work very clearly:

Jesus answered them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in him whom he has sent.”  (John 6:29)

It is His work that restores us to our intended divine purpose:  being an expression of God.  God began that work–and His Spirit continues it.  Knowing God is key to knowing the image we are made in.  Studying His Names is one great way to know Him more.  The Prayer Today website has many resources for studying His Names; here is one.  Glory Glimpses on this blog offer you some devotions on the same topic; click here to consider God as the Morning Star.  Simply know that God loves you and wants you to know Him personally and share Him with the world around us gives great cause for rejoicing!

Are you hungry for more on the subject of ‘your job?’  Numerous scriptures encourage us to know we can be fully equipped for the good work God plans for us to do:  2 Corinthians 9:8; Ephesians 1:3; Philippians 1:6 and 2 Timothy 3:16-17 are some good starting points.

So:  spend some time knowing this great God you are created in the image of…and let someone see Him in you!

Victory and Glory in YOUR Story!

Scripture tells us that we overcome the enemy through the power of Christ’s blood and our ‘testimony.’  Sometimes testimony seems like such a ‘churchy’ word…does story work better for you?  We are living stories to tell about the glory of God.  That was the topic of a recent piece I shared on another site.  Here’s an excerpt:

We were created for love; when we learn to walk in His love, we enter His purposes.  Too often, we insist on writing our own story, doing things our way.  We see those examples around us every day; sometimes we are those examples.  The pharisees and lawyers are the biblical example, and the Word says, “They rejected the purposes of God.”  Ouch!  We never mean to do that; God loves it when we finally see what we are doing.  He isn’t mad!  He says, ‘Come on into my story!’

If you are interested in the ‘rest of the story’ visit that page, here: The Power of a Story.