Writer of My Story

Jesus is the Author and Perfecter of our Faith.  That’s a title sweet to anyone who loves words and books! God alone can write my story of faith because He alone knows the things about me that need His touch.  He knows my strengths, myweaknesses, my wounds and the ways that will work best toContinue reading “Writer of My Story”

Finding Your God-Given Design

GIFTS FROM THE FATHER – Romans 12 DESIGN SIN TO BATTLE VICTORY TO WIN SCRIPTURAL EXAMPLES NAME OF GOD TO MEDITATE ON Prophet Idol of control Fullness of Relationships! John the Baptist, Miriam, Naomi Jehovah Jireh Servant Idol of peace Finding value in God’s eyes! Joseph (father of Jesus), Barnabas, Timothy Jehovah Rophe Teacher IdolContinue reading “Finding Your God-Given Design”

Taking Responsibility

Deposits are made into our lives moment by moment.  What we do with those deposits is our decision…our responsibility.  Every aspect of life has the potential to produce life and blessing.  It also has equal opportunity to produce death and curses. God assigned humanity the job of caretaker of creation–and that job remains.  We are toContinue reading “Taking Responsibility”